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Kwon Ji Yong and Lee Seung Hyun

'Bus stop #72 was meant for me and you.'

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+Meg: His Only Sunshine Girl+
22 June 1985

Banner by nevaeh86 This PL has 5 rows. One for the banner and 2 for text and the last 2 are for the footer title.
The width is 400px. Don't get smart and make it longer, it'll stretch the layout. And no need to make it shorter... '_'

The banner features News Anchor and Arashi rapper Sakurai Sho.

You may change the font/color~etc to fit your tasting. :)
If you insist on knowing these additional infos, no fear. I have you covered.
Font color: #99cccc
Font: Garamond Size 2

I have all sorts of FANDOMS , I know. XD
[ UP&over ] Etc

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