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Hi. I am back posting here in LJ after 4 years. The comeback post was supposed to narrate what happened during Eric's fansigning event. But then this morning, Eric (kind of) surprised us with his announcement. Wedding announcement, that is. He personally posted the announcement in Shinhwa's official Facebook page. I'm honestly happy for Eric and Hyemi but then my fangirl heart is broken. I couldn't even figure out my feelings for this. THIS. Everything. It's like, I should be mature about this, right? I'm fucking 31 and I am getting married too. Next year. But then Eric decided to beat me out to it. Paunahan ba, beh? Nagmamadali? But guys, 14 years. 14 fucking years. I've loved this guy for 14 years. I know it's just as painful for the newer fans but 14 years besh. 14 years kong pinangrap yang lalaking yan. He was my dream guy. You know you'd never end up together in real life but you still loved him as much. And you know you have to let him go. But you know what's more heartbreaking? It is that you also have to let go of a little bit of your fangirl self attached to this dream guy whom you've loved for so long. This is the most painful thing out of all this. You see, I've been a fangirl more than half of my life and I honestly don't want to live otherwise. I may take on a new role (wife/mother) soon, but this is something that is engraved in my entire being that I don't know how to live not being one.

Ika nga nila, once a fangirl, ALWAYS a fangirl.

We'll get over this guys, we can do this. Maybe when I see a photo or two of Eric happy with Hyemi, then my heart can pe pacified. For now, I leave this poem made by Angel/leechunsa.

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i'm back. sort of.

Finally opened by LJ after x number of years. I need to start writing again. I miss it. And I need to start going back to reading too.

I'm just so glad to be able to open my LJ account again. I will now save all my (megric) fics. HAHA.

Any of my friends still posting here? I know jangneri still posts here and miyawoks is still active here for her dose of Arashi news.
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Hi guys.

I am letting go of my entire KPOP collection. I've sold some of them and these are the remaining items with me.

Please read the points below.
- Prices are in USD.
- I will accept payment via Paypal and Western Union (fees shouldered by the buyer)
- I will ship internationally. Buyer pays for the shipping cost ; will be shipping from Manila, PH via EMS ; prefers buyers from Philippines
- Shipping cost will depend on the total weight of the items bought.
- For inquiries and REAL PICS requests, please email me at hisothergf [at] ; Please put [KPOP ITEMS FOR SALE] - "YOUR FULL NAME" in the Subject Line. Payment details will be sent via email after the email inquiry.
- All of the items were just kept inside my fangirling cabinet.
- Most of the albums are opened but I've only looked at the photobook/packaging and have never played the CD.
- Most of the Concert DVDs are opened but the actual DVD/s are played only once.
- Most of the items here, especially the Shinhwa items, are RARE already - thus the price of the items. If you find something online that's cheaper that what I'm selling here, link me in the comments section and I'll consider repricing the item. I swear some online shops are selling Shinhwa stuff double/triple my price.
- If you want picture proofs of any of the items below, please email me via the instructions above.

NO JOY RESERVERS. Once item/s are ordered, payment should be received within the next 2 days.

9/22 update: Crossing out PAID ITEMS
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Thank you and happy shopping! :D

- Meg
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let's break the trend for a very special birthday greeting~



Like what you said before, it feels incomplete if  I don't greet you here on LJ. :) Not that I am obligated to, I just feel that Livejournal is extra special since we've known each other better through this medium of social networking. And I love that many people are kinda ignoring LJ because that means more privacy for me. But that's beside the point of this entry. I am sorry. Hehe :)

Thanks for being such an awesome friend. That's really all I want to tell you. I guess we've come to a point where we tell each other pretty much everything each time we get the chance so all I can say is really, THANK YOU. You know quite well that I dote on you and treat you quite special because you're part of the so-called Royal Family and we both love Eric Mun like WHOA. <3 

Thanks for listening to my endless spazz on ERIC and thanks for being with me when we need to spazz on your kuya. Thanks for being a supporter of our ship, however absurd that idea may sound. You don't know how much that means to me. Thanks for all the support, be it about fandom, family, career, and lovelife(? or lack of thereof).

My sister isn't here with me physically so I don't just consider you as a friend, but as a real life sister too. :D

I love you so much, Nerie. I know I always say this but remember that I mean it everytime....


Meg unnie 

 P.S. I tried spamming your Kuya to give you a greeting, but I failed. LOL. Eric might have cursed my username but what the hell, it was worth the try. Hehe. 
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I've never been a prouder Eric stan

2 nights ago, Eric scolded a fan because of "playing around" too much.

"We don't really care about being first place on music shows and being popular anymore....If we see in the future saying that I used to like a singer named Shinhwa when I was little and the things they said, the promises the made and their methods stimulated me and that made me the person I am now, that's what I believe would make us feel we really succeeded. "

Words spoken by a TRUE LEADER. Years of experience brought you to where you are right now. I hope some leader can be like you too.

Never change, Eric. I love you. <3

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what a day.

To say that today was a busy day is an understatement. LOL. 

Fandom - busy
Work - busy
Eric's twitter - busy
My twitter - busy


What is my life. HAHA. 

Seven oppa and Eric tweeting each other this morning kinda distracted me from work. I couldn't work for almost 2 hours. Goodness these two. 

The "luv u~ luv u~" message of Eric to Seven is enough to make me go crazy. And then Eric tweets about GD being with them when he was still a little boy and how he thinks it's awesome to see him now making a name for himself. Again, to say that I was so happy was an understatement. That's my ROYAL FAMILY there, being REAL. ;__;

Lunchtime I had to go to KCC with convolution  to check out the venue for 6G. :) The place is awesome. Saw  some musical magazines with Dongwan pics in it! Hehehe. Took some pics for jangneri . Hoho. Pic 1 and 2

Then I had to go back to 3WS and eat a super fast lunch and work again. -sigh-

But nevertheless, today is a very glorious day for me. Shinhwa's Eric Mun and Se7en tweeting each other is just the best thing ever! I love you Eric oppa and Sebun oppa!


And I end this post with a SMOKING HOT PITCHER, ERIC MUN. <3


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eric on twitter


Hello shinhwachangjo~ i got my tweeter account back!

I've never been so happy to see someone get a twitter account. You're the last person I'd ever think of to have an account. But now, you're here. Some people may think I am overreacting but these people do not know who you are to me. And the people who knows, I know they're all celebrating with me. :) 

I miss you Eric. And yeah, welcome (back) to twitter, love. <3

"Humble, wise, with traits different from mine that are worth respecting, has a beautiful smile even though she may not be glamorous, giving, has no reservations about love, and above all, I hope my other half who, with the Lord, is living somewhere in this world, will appear soon."

I've been waiting for 8 years, dear. :)))) Hehe. Somewhere in the Philippines, try looking. LOL.
But seriously, I hope you can find your special someone too. I've been waiting for mine. And I know we both deserve it. 
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